Episode 6: Tastiness! Likewise! Thank You!

Smacznego! Nawzajem! Dziękuję!

English Phonemes: “sma[cz]-NEH-goh! nah-WZAH-yehm! j[ę]-KOO-yeh!”

Perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day weekend! Here's a culturally specific phrase that all Polish speakers will know. In Poland, it is very common (and good manners) to say "Smacznego!" (literally 'Tastiness!') just before you start eating a meal. The response is "Nawzajem!" which means, 'likewise!' or 'you, too!' or 'right back atcha!'

At the end of the meal, it is also polite to thank your family and friends for the meal and for their company. We do this by saying "thank you" before getting up to do anything else. (See episode 5 for the lesson in how to say 'Dziękuję!')

*Small correction from the audio in the episode: "Nawzajem" is written as ONE word, not two. It's rooted in two words, but written as one.

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Julia Tutko