Episode 3: Hi/Bye!


English Phonemes: “[CZ]ehshch”

Tricky word this week because there is a non-English phoneme on top of there being only one syllable in a word with both the ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sounds. 

[Note that the brackets [] mean that this phoneme doesn't have an English equivalent.]

This word means hi and bye in the same way 'Aloha' in Hawaii means the same. In this lesson, Julia digs deep into the pronunciation of this word so you get a feel for the difference between the 'cz' phoneme and the Polish letter 'ć' which is pronounced 'ch' like in 'chair' or 'chess'. The letter 'ś', by the way, is pronounced 'sh' like in 'shutters' or 'shimmer'. 

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Julia Tutko