Episode 7: Attention! Be Careful!

Uwaga! Or Uważaj! 

English Phonemes: “ooh-VAH-gah! ooh-VAH-[ż]ahy!”

In this lesson, we learn "Uwaga", the general word for "Caution!" or "Attention!" or "Alert!". Often spoken, and often seen on road signs and the like. 

We also see the related imperative instruction version of 'uwaga' that one would hear spoken by one person to another. "Uważaj" specifically means "hey you [singular], be careful", or "hey you [singular], watch out", or "hey you [singular], look out", or any other synonym for making someone nearby pay attention quickly.

We also learn to pronounce the [ż] letter of the Polish alphabet! Learn to love that duck face! So far, we've seen it with the [cz] letter combo, here with [ż]today, and we will see it again, friends! 

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Julia Tutko