Episode 10: And A Happy New Year!

I Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

English phonemes: “ee [sz][cz][ę]sh-lee-VEH-goh noh-VEH-goh ROH-koo”

Literally means "And A Happy New Year!" This is in the object form, because like we discussed last week, the first part of the sentence remains unspoken, but it is understood that the speaker is wishing the listener a specific object, which here is "a happy new year". (English has subjects and objects in sentences, too, but Polish is more strict about differentiating word forms for each part of the sentence.)

i = 'and'
Szczęśliwego = 'happy' or 'merry' (an adjective in its (masculine) object form)
Nowego = 'new' (an adjective in its (masculine) object form)
Roku = 'year' (a masculine noun (singular) in its object form)

In this episode, Julia also breaks down the correct way to pronounce the [sz] phoneme and the [ę] letter of the Polish alphabet. Then she walks us through, step by step, how to tackle stringing all those phonemes together!

Next week's show will be much easier! Promise!

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Julia Tutko