Episode 8: Oh How Someone Remembered Me Fondly!

Ale mnie ktoś wspominał! 

English Phonemes: “AH-leh mnjeh ktohsh fspoh-MEE-nahw”

This is a nostalgic phrase, yes, but it's also the perfect thing to say as a funny "excuse me" after you burp! Like in English we have the colloquialism "my ears are burning", so here, the meaning is jokingly conveying that because someone out there was thinking of you at that exact moment, it pressured a burp out of you.

*If you're in truly FORMAL polite company, do NOT use this! Read the room, folks! Much like you wouldn't dare follow a loud burp with a joke in front of your boss, same applies in Polish.

Ale = "And How!" or "Oh How!" - Interjection word like "Well" or "Wow" or "Oh boy". Punches up whatever comes next.

Mnie = "Me" - Like in English, we don't use 'I' everywhere, so too in Polish, we change the 'I' word depending on where it appears in the sentence. So 'about me', 'to me', 'of me', etc.

Ktoś = "Somebody" or "Someone"

Wspominał = "[he/she/it] Remembered Fondly" or "[he/she/it] Reminisced" - past tense!

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Julia Tutko