Episode 51: Do You Have A Head?

Masz Głowę? 

English Phonemes: “mah[sz] GWOH-veh”

Literal Translation: You have head?

Elegant Translation: Do you have a head?

English Equivalent: Can you imagine?

This two word combo actually has multiple uses and meanings in different contexts!

For example, as part of a sentence, it could be used like so: 
Masz głowę po matce.” = “You have your mother’s brains.
Nie wiem gdzie masz głowę.” = “I don’t know where your head’s at.” or “I don’t know what’s going through your head.”
Ty masz głowę do rachunków.” = “You have a head for numbers.
(And so on.)
But standing alone as a question, by itself, it simply is asking “Can you imagine?” or “Can you believe it?”

Masz = you have [singular, 2nd person, informal]
Głowę = head [singular, object form]

* Special note: Usually for show titles, I like to use the literal translation. Unfortunately, this week’s literal translation can potentially have quite a naughty meaning in English. So this week, I’ll use the elegant translation instead. 

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Julia Tutko