Episode 16: You Will Receive In The Animal Face!

Dostaniesz w pysk! 

English Phonemes: “doh-STAH-nye[sz] v pihsk” 

Literal Translation: You will receive in the animal face!

Fun Fact, this is also the title of a song by an artist called “Wdowa” which means “Widow” in Polish. I just found that out. Anyway.

It’s a phrase that means “Oh, you’ll get it!” like, “Pow! Right in the kisser!” It’s best coupled with a shaking of a fist. Only use this one in informal settings and in playful banter! It’s definitely a threat otherwise! Super impolite, but I wanted to share anyway, because it’s popular enough to be a joke you hear. Just in case it ever comes up, you’ll know what it means!  

Like in English, there are different words for different types of faces. Google Translate and some dictionaries don’t make this clear sometimes. So, as Fun Extra Credit, here are a few different words for “Face” in Polish, with their connotations:

Twarz (“tvah[sz]”) = Face (respectful) - the default word normally used
Facjata (“fah-TSYAH-tah”) = Face (respectful) - usually applies to the face of a building
Morda (“MOH-rdah”)= Face (disrespectful) - connotes a vapid, animal-like, vacant, primitive face
Ryj (“rihy”)= Snout (or any protruding face shape that can dig or burrow)
Paszcza (“PAH-[sz][cz]ah”)= Face, maw (sort of), the face of a big dangerous animal, like a lion or tiger.

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Julia Tutko