Episode 39: How To Me Itself It Bounced!

Ale Mi Się Odbiło

English Phonemes: “AH-leh mee shyeh od-BEE-woh”

Literal Translation: How To Me Itself It Bounced!

Elegant Translation: Oh how that came back to me!

Google Fail: “But it bounced me!”

This is a companion episode to episode 8 - “Ale mnie ktoś wspomina!” We love talking about burps. Hey, it’s universal. Like Buddy the Elf in the movie “Elf” with Will Ferrell! “Did you hear that?”

Do not, repeat, do NOT say this with your potential in-laws at their dinner table. It’s a rather crude way to express oneself. We have more polite ways of referring to burps, say, for medical reasons. This phrase is strictly for use with friends you’re comfortable being a bit gross with. 

Ale = how, what, but
Mi = to me
Się = oneself [reflective word, as discussed]
Odbiło = he/she/it reflected, bounced back, broke off

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Julia Tutko