Episode 59: From Christmas Tree Yourself Did You Break Off?

Z choinki się urwałeś/urwałaś?

English Phonemes: “z hoh-EEN-kee shyeh oor-VAH-wehsh oor-VAH-wahsh”

Literal Translation: From Christmas tree yourself did you break off?

Elegant Translation: Did you fall off a Christmas tree?

English Equivalent: Did you fall on your head?

The phrase is fine standalone, because the words “did” and “you” are understood. So you can say czy[did] ty[you] z choinki się urwałeś/urwałaś, but you don’t need to.

This is a great phrase to know if you want to playfully (or not) suggest to someone that they have no idea what they are talking about. That they are uninformed and it shows. Or that whatever they just said was incredibly random and truly unrelated to anything at all. It may even convey that the person you are talking to just said (or did) something stupid.

Z = from, off of [preposition]
Choinki = Christmas Tree [singular, object form]
Się = (your)self [reflective helper word]
Urwałeś = you broke off [past tense, 2nd person singular, informal, speaking to one male]
Urwałaś = you broke off [past tense, 2nd person singular, informal,speaking to one female]

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Julia Tutko