Episode 97: Sit Down And Tuck In!

Siadaj i zajadaj!

English Phonemes: “SHAH-dahy ee zah-YAH-dahy”

Literal Translation: Sit down and tuck in!

English Equivalent: Dig in!

This is a fun and informal way to tell someone to ‘dig in’ at a meal. Although it’s directed towards a singular person, you *can* use this in a group setting. So when you’ve finally finished cooking something nice, and your friends are all excited, that’s the perfect time to drop this phrase and ring the dinner bell. :-) You’re encouraging your buddy (or buddies) to “Go on!”, “Get in there!”, or “Go nuts and enjoy!”

Siadaj = sit down [s. informal imperative verb]
I = and
Zajadaj = tuck in, eat heartily, dig in [s. informal imperative verb]

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Julia Tutko