Episode 67: No Jinx!

Nie kracz! 

English Phonemes: “nyeh krah[cz]”

Literal Translation: No jinx!

Elegant Translation: Don’t jinx!

English Equivalent: Don’t jinx it!

This is the perfect phrase to use near your Polish-speaking friends whenever one of them start to temp fate by jinxing something! No one likes bad luck vibes! Tell your friends to quit inviting it with this phrase!

Extra Credit: The saying can be expanded by putting “bo wykraczesz” on the end - which means “because you will make happen what you jinxed”. (Yes. That’s really what it means.) But it’s not necessary. 

Nie = no, not
Kracz = jinx [singular, imperative form]
Bo = because
Wykraczesz = you[sing.] will bring about what you jinxed  

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Julia Tutko