Episode 80: I Un-bark!


English Phonemes: “ohd-[sz][cz]eh-KOO-yeh”

Literal Translation: I un-bark.

Elegant Translation: I take my bark back.

English Equivalent: My bad. Forget what I said.

You can use this casual turn of phrase when you say something you then want to take back, when you apologize for a remark, or when you change your mind about something you said. Or even when you retract an article in print.

If you pronounce the ending ę or e, either way is okay. Like “I geddit” vs. “I get it”. Both work. I will teach you the ‘e’ ending, as it’s more common.

Please also let us know what you think of the “duck face” recap segment! Do you want it to be a regular thing? Let us know!

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Julia Tutko