Episode 90: Everyone Themselves Kneecap Is Scraping!

Każdy sobie rzepkę skrobie!

English Phonemes: “KAH[Ż]-dih SOH-byeh [Ż]EHP-keh SKROH-byeh”

Literal Translation: Everyone themselves kneecap is scraping!

Elegant Translation: Everyone is scraping their own kneecap.

English Equivalent: Looking out for number one. 

This is another beautifully glib Polish saying. It’s a cute way to say that everyone is really truly concerned with their own lives and tends not to work in the service of others. It’s a bit cynical. In English, the closest equivalent is “looking out for number one”, though the Polish version can also be used like “to each their own” or “different strokes for different folks”.

Quick note: This phrase requires use of the “Duck Face”. For a deep refresher on the “Duck Face”, please watch this video or listen back to lessons 1-10 of the show.

Każdy = everyone [s. subj. form] 
Sobie = himself/herself [obj. form]
Rzepkę = kneecap [s. obj. form]
Skrobie = he/she/it scrapes or scrubs [present tense, 3rd p. s.]

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Julia Tutko