Episode 93: Already I My Own I Know!

Już ja swoje wiem!

English Phonemes: “yoo[sz] yah SFOH-yeh wyehm”

Literal Translation: Already I my own I know.

Elegant Translation: I already know my own.

English Equivalent: I know what’s what. I know my own mind.

This is a nice and firm way to say that you are sure about something. That you won’t be fooled, or swayed away from something you believe is true. Put your foot down!

You can also say this without the “już” part, but it takes away a bit of punch power.

Już = already
Ja = I [obj. form]
Swoje = own [possessive modifier, reflexive word, modifying ‘ja’]
Wiem = I know [1st person s.]

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Julia Tutko