Episode 91: Oh How I Made Cabbage Stew!

Ale narobiłem/narobiłam bigosu!

English Phonemes: “AH-leh nah-roh-BEE-wehm(wahm) bee-GOH-soo”

Literal Translation: Oh how I made cabbage stew!

Elegant Translation: Wow, did I make the cabbage stew!

English Equivalent: Stirred up trouble.

This is a funny way to say you stirred up some trouble. Other analogous English phrases include “poked the bear” or “stepped in it”. The phrase is a bit old, but it’s still very much in use!

FYI, “bigos” is a cabbage meat stew. You can make a vegetarian version, though it is less savory, it’s still delicious. Looking at the list of ingredients, you might think it’s simple, but it’s the science that makes it art. It takes hours to make, but WOW, is it worth it!

Ale = how, what, but [interjection word]
Narobiłem/Narobiłam = I made [1st person s., past. Use ‘-em’ if you are male, ‘-am’ if you are female]
Bigosu = cabbage meat stew [s. obj. form of ‘bigos’]

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Julia Tutko