Episode 94: What, You Have Snake In Pocket?

Co, masz węża w kieszeni?

English Phonemes: “tsoh ma[sz] V[Ę]-[ż]ah v kyeh-[SZ]EH-nee”

Literal Translation: What, you have snake in packet?

Elegant Translation: What, you have a snake in your pocket?

This is a fun way to call someone a cheapskate. Makes sense, right? If there was a snake in your pocket, you’d be less likely to reach in there, too!

This is in the informal case. Don’t use this with anyone but friends and family.

Co = What
Masz = you [s.] have [informal, 2nd p. s.]
Węża = snake [s. obj. form]
W = in, inside 
Kieszeni = pocket [s. obj. form]

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Julia Tutko