Episode 95: When Themself Person Hurries, Then Himself Devil Is Happy!

Jak się człowiek śpieszy, to się diabeł cieszy.

English Phonemes: “yahk shyeh [CZ]WOH-vyek SHPYEH-[sz]ih toh shyeh DYAH-behw CHYEH-[sz]ih”

Literal Translation: When themself person hurries then himself devil is happy.

Elegant Translation: When a person rushes, the devil rejoices.

English Equivalent: Haste makes waste. 

This is a fun way to tell someone to slow down. We’ve had episodes before with cautionary phrases similar to this one. Let’s just say the Polish are a cautious people. :-)

Jak = when, if, how
Się = himself/herself/itself [reflective helper word]
Człowiek = person [s. subj. form]
Śpieszy = he/she/it is rushing, hurrying [3rd p. s., present tense]
To = then
Diabeł = devil [s. subj. form]
Cieszy = he/she/it is happy, rejoices, delights in [3rd p. s., present tense]

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Julia Tutko