Episode 92: How You Have Flies In Nose!

Ale masz muchy w nosie!

English Phonemes: “AH-leh ma[sz] MOO-hih v NOH-shyeh”

Literal Translation: How you have flies in nose!

Elegant Translation: Wow, have you got flies in your nose!

English Equivalent: Bee in your bonnet!

When someone is in a tizzy about something, you can use this phrase to (hopefully) diffuse a bit of tension and make them take a moment to calm down!

But be careful! You might make things worse!

If you want to say it to multiple friends, replace “masz” with “macie”. Be aware, though, that BOTH these forms of “you” are informal! Only use this with friends/family.

Ale = wow, oh how, well [interjection word]
Masz = you have [2nd person s., informal]
Macie = you have [2nd person pl., informal]
Muchy = flies [pl., obj. form]
W = in, inside [preposition]
Nosie = nose [s. obj. form]

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Julia Tutko