Episode 11: You Take Self In Tally!

Weź się w karby!

English Phonemes: “vehsh shyeh v KAHR-bih” 

Literally, the phrase word-for-word translates to "You take [your]self in[to] tally!"

The closest English equivalents are: "Suck it up, buttercup!" or "Get a grip" or "Gather yourself together" or "Show some grit" or "Get yourself in order".

Perfect occasion for this phrase because of New Year’s resolutions being made right around this time of year. 

You’ll really impress with this phrase. This is deeeeeeeeply rooted in the culture and history, (the Polish people pride themselves on being a hearty and tough resilient people). Even so, there are some folks who speak Polish today who, if they aren’t well read enough, may not even know this one. But those who do will be shocked if you drop this pearl on the table. It’s not archaic or anything, but it is old-school and very classy. 

You can say this to yourself as a self-motivator or you can say it to a Polish-speaking friend who may need a little tough love (and a laugh!)

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Happy New Year!

Julia Tutko