Episode 12: May The Force Be With You!

Niech Moc Będzie Z Tobą!

English Phonemes: “nyehh mohts B[Ę]-jeh z TOH-b[ą]”

Special request from Listener Trevor! Trevor asks, how do you say "May The Force Be With You!" in Polish?

Niech = Let, May
Moc = Power, Force, Strength
Będzie = Be (it will be)
Z = With
Tobą = You [singular] (object form that’s used with prepositions)

Quick caveat: This assumes a singular recipient of this wish! As we’ve seen before, Polish distinguishes between singular and plural recipients of any phrase. We have different words for you singular (“ty”) and you plural (“wy”), and those word bases change appearance when in their various object forms. 

Specifically, “with you [singular]” is always “z Tobą” whereas “with you [plural]” is always “z Wami” 

Different grammar rules apply to “to you”, “of you”, “from you”… but one thing at a time. We’re just learning phrases. The grammar nitty gritty is further behind the curtain than we will venture here.

*Fun fact, we don’t have articles in Polish! Successful usage of “a” and “the” is tough to master for Polish speakers learning English for that reason.

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Julia Tutko