Episode 56: You Are Wonderful! You Are Awesome!

Jesteś wspaniały/a! Jesteś niesamowity/a!

English Phonemes: “YEHS-tesh fspah-NYAH-wih(wah) YEHS-tesh nyeh-sah-moh-VEE-tih(tah)”
Literal Translation: You are wonderful. You are amazing.

Shoutout to my friend JL for inspiring this episode! (Check out her film work at www.19image.com)

These two phrases are sure to be winners. Here are two different ways to say “You are awesome!”

Jesteś = you are [2nd person, singular, informal]
Wspaniały(a) = wonderful [adjective. y = male form, a = female form]
Niesamowity(a) = awesome, amazing [adjective. y = male form, a = female form]

Also, Followup: In the last two episodes, we were talking about phrases that have to think about thinking. I wanted to remind you about Episode 51 where we touched upon “Gdzie masz głowę?” as part of the lesson, because this phrase asks “Where is your head?” or “Where are you right now?” in a similar way as the other phrases we talked about.

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Julia Tutko