Episode 55: Not Important What You Have On Head, Important What you Have In Head!

Nie ważne co masz na głowie, ważne co masz w głowie.

English Phonemes: “nyeh VAH[Ż]-neh tsoh mah[sz] nah GWOH-vyeh VAH[Ż]-neh tsoh mah[sz] v GWOH-vyeh”
Literal Translation: Not important what you have on head, important what you have in head.
Elegant Translation: It’s not important what you have on your head, what’s important is what’s in your head.
English Equivalent: Beauty is only skin deep. 

This episode is related to last episode, where we talked about how we ask what a person was thinking. In this related phrase, we further the discussion about thoughts. 

This fun, glib phrase will make you sound super wise and clever to your Polish-speaking friends!

Nie = not, no
Ważne = important [adj]
Co = what
Masz = you have [singular 2nd person, informal]
Na = on
Głowie = head [singular, object form]
W = in

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Julia Tutko