Episode 18: I Love You! I You I Love!

Kocham Cię! Ja Cię Kocham!

English Phonemes: “KOH-hahm chyeh” and “yah chyeh KOH-hahm”

Here are two different ways to say ‘I love you!’ Both are equally common and entirely correct. Got a special someone who speaks Polish in your life? Let them know how you feel!

Kocham Cię’ literally translates to “I love you” where ‘Cię’ is ‘you’ singular in the object form and ‘Kocham’ is the conjugated verb first person singular of the verb ‘to love’, so here, it means ‘I love’.
And ‘Ja Cię Kocham’ literally translates to “I you I love” where ‘Ja’ is ‘I’ in the subject form, ‘Cię’ is ‘you’ singular in the object form, and the conjugated verb ‘Kocham’ still means ‘I love’. The word order for this simple sentence is very flexible, as you can see.

Practice these for tomorrow! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Julia Tutko