Episode 19: If He/She/It Loves, Then He/She/It Will Wait!

Jak Kocha, To Poczeka.

English Phonemes: “yahk KOH-hah toh poh-[CZ]EH-kah”

Literal Translation: If he/she/it loves, then he/she/it will wait.

Similar to the English saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, this saying conveys the meaning that love will overcome obstacles of time and space apart.

Jak = if, how [depends on context]
Kocha = he/she/it loves [3rd person singular conjugation of “Kochać”]
To = this, then [depends on context and placement in sentence]
Poczeka = he/she/it will wait [3rd person singular of “Poczekać”, to wait (with intent of waiting further)]

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Lastly, sorry for any baby sounds in the background of this recording! The little Pole heard me recording and wanted to participate. ;-)

Julia Tutko