Episode 20: Congratulations! It's A Boy/Girl!

Gratulacje! Jest chłopczyk/dziewczynka!

English Phonemes: “grah-too-LAH-tsyeh yehst HWOHP-[cz]ihk jyehf-[CZ]IN-kah”

Request episode from Listener Wendy! Since I just had a baby, Wendy asks how to say “Congratulations! It’s a boy/girl!” in Polish.

Gratulacje! = General way to say Congratulations!
Jest = he/she/it is [3rd person singular of 'to be']
Chłopczyk = little boy [more affectionate and diminutive form of 'chłopiec', 'boy']
Dziewczynka = little girl [more affectionate form of 'dziewczyna', 'girl']

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Julia Tutko