Episode 25: First Plums Wormy!

Pierwsze śliwki robaczywki. 

English Phonemes: "PYER-f[sz]eh SHLEE-fkee roh-bah-[CZ]IH-fkee"

Literal Translation: First plums wormy.
Elegant Translation: The first plums are filled with bugs.

This saying serves as a warning. The closest thing we have in English is “Haste Makes Waste or maybe even “Buyer Beware” (though today’s phrase has nothing to do with commerce). It’s an agricultural reference that warns us that the first plums of the season are always filled with bugs — that we should be careful before we jump at the first fruit we see.

So if you see your Polish speaking friend/family member rushing to grab that first deal they see, or ready to buy that first whatever-they-are-in-the-market-for, and you think they can do better, feel free to drop this pearl of wisdom on them! They will be impressed, AND they will thank you!

Pro Tip: Can be combined with “Uwaga” or “Uważaj” from Episode 7!

pierwsze = first [plural, subject form]
śliwki = plums [plural, subject form]
robaczywki = bug-filled, wormy [plural, subject form] [a playful form, instead of “robaczywe”]

Note that the word “are” is omitted here because it’s understood.

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Julia Tutko