Episode 24: The One Who Is Drowning A Straight Razor Grabs!

Tonący brzytwy się chwyta. 

English Phonemes: “toh-N[Ą]-tsih B[RZ]IH-tfih sh[ę] HVIH-tah”

Literal Translation: The one who is drowning a straight razor himself/herself grabs.

Elegant Translation: A drowning person will grab at a straight razor.

English Equivalent Saying: “Grasping at straws.” 

This saying uses vivid imagery to basically say that utter desperation will drive a person to do anything, even if it brings further harm to themselves. It’s a good saying to know, popular enough that any of your Polish speaking friends will know this one.

Tonący = one who is drowning [subject form]
Brzytwy = a razor, specifically, an old-timey straight razor [object form]
Się = oneself - this is a reflective word, like “me” in “I’ma grab me a sandwich” 
Chwyta = he/she/it is grabbing, gripping, or grasping at.

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Julia Tutko