Episode 23: I Am Walking On Eyelashes!

Chodzę na rzęsach! 

English Phonemes: “HOH-dzeh nah [RZ][Ę]-sah” 

Literal Translation: “I am walking on [my] eyelashes” 

This fun phrase is a popular and evocative way to say you are dead tired. Imagine actually trying to walk on your eyelashes! Hunched over, head down, eyes drooping… much like a poor fellow face-plant-ready falling asleep.

* Extra Credit Section! *
I put this phrase into the first person singular so that YOU can say that you are dead tired. The bonus is that if you want to say he/she/it is tired, you would say “chodzi” instead of “chodzę”, and if you want to say you are tired, you would say “chodzisz” instead of “chodzę” [that’s you singular, informal form. Only to be used with friends/family. Never to someone you have a formal or no relationship with.] The rest of the phrase stays the same.
So now you have three phrases for the price of one!

Chodzę = I am walking [1st person singular]
Na = on/onto
Rzęsach = eyelashes [object form]

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Julia Tutko