Episode 28: Where Cooks Six, There Not Is What To Eat!

Gdzie kucharek sześć, tam nie ma co jeść. 

English Phonemes: “gjeh koo-HAH-rehk [sz]eh[ś][ć] tahm nyeh mah tsoh yeh[ś][ć]”

Literal Translation: Where cooks six, there not is what to eat.

Elegant Translation: Where there are six cooks, there is nothing to eat.

English Equivalent: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

gdzie = where
kucharek = cook, cooks [this diminutive form can be applied to both singular and plural]
sześć = six
tam = there
nie = no, not
ma = he/she/it has. Can mean “is” where combined with direction words like “here/there”
co = what
jeść = to eat 

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Julia Tutko