Episode 30: Button Truth!

Guzik prawda! 

English Phonemes: “GOO-[ź]eek PRAH-vdah”

Literal Translation: Button truth.

English Equivalents: B.S.! Yeah, right! A likely story! 

We Poles are experts at euphemisms! Curse word replacement therapy! Finding ways of swearing without actually swearing is a Slavic specialty. 

This phrase is a softened and polite way of saying “G**** Prawda” (Google Translate the 4 letter English swear that starts with an ‘S’), much in the way we trim “Bull S***” to B.S. in English. And "Guzik Prawda" is used the same way. 

Much like we in English say "aw, sugar" instead of "aw, s***", the choice of the word "guzik" is very deliberate here simply because it starts with the same "goo" sound as the swear word in Polish.

Guzik = a button
Prawda = truth

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Julia Tutko