Episode 32: 100 Years! Another 100!

Sto lat! Jeszcze stówę!

English Phonemes: “stoh laht YEH[SZ]-[cz]eh STOO-veh”

Literal Translation: 100 years! Another 100!

English Equivalent: Bless you!

This is the way we say “gezundheit” or “bless you” after anyone sneezes. The meaning behind it is that you’re wishing the person healthy life for 100 years, and with each subsequent sneeze, you’re adding another 100 to that tally. 

This is more informal than formal, but even with long-time formal acquaintances, you could get away with using this. (We might talk about the more formal way in another show.) 

sto = 100 [subject form] 
lat = years
jeszcze = another, more
stówę = 100 [object form]

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Julia Tutko