Episode 33: To Live Not To Die!

Żyć nie umierać!

English Phonemes: “[ż]ihch nyeh ooh-MYEH-rahch”

Literal Translation: To live not to die!

English Equivalent: That was worth living for!

This phrase is an exclamation of excitement when something is so great, you’re happy to be alive to enjoy it. It’s like saying, ‘oh man, living is the best right now so I can immerse myself in this thing!’ It’s funny because it almost implies a choice to not die before you get to savor whatever it is you’re excited about. 

You can say this about anything you’re happy about, from a decadent bar of chocolate, to a beautiful vacation you’re on - and anything in between. It carries with it the connotation of enjoying blissful perfection in something. Something worth living for.

Żyć = to live [infinitive]
Nie = no, not
Umierać = to die [infinitive]

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Julia Tutko