Episode 44: I Am Bare And Merry!

Jestem goły(a) i wesoły(a)!

English Phonemes: “YEHS-tehm GOH-wih(wah) ee veh-SOH-wih(wah)”

Literal Translation: I am bare and merry!

Elegant Translation: I’m broke and I don’t care!

This phrase is a fun way to say you’re broke and you don’t have a care in the world. We don’t have a similar phrase in English. We like to be cheerfully glib in Polish. What better way than by finding words that rhyme? :-)

Jestem = I am [1st person singular of verb ‘to be’] 
Goły(goła) = bare, naked, nude [adjective, singular male (female) form]
I = and
Wesoły(wesoła) = merry, happy [adjective, singular male (female) form]

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Julia Tutko