Episode 42: I Am Holding Thumbs!

Trzymam Kciuki!

English Phonemes: “T[SZ]IH-mahm KCHYOO-kee”

Literal Translation: I am holding thumbs!

Elegant Translation: I’m holding my thumbs!

English Equivalent: Fingers crossed!

This is used the same way that “I’ve got my fingers crossed” is used in English. It’s just that in Poland, the actual physical motion is different. We literally hold our thumbs tucked into our fists as a sign of inviting and holding onto good luck.

So if your friend is writing a new play, or starting a new business, or going into ninja training, or whatever the case may be, tell them “trzymam kciuki” and they’ll be very impressed!

Trzymam = I am holding
Kciuki = thumbs [plural, object form (which in this case looks like the subject form - Fun Fact)]

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Julia Tutko