Episode 61: Shot In Ten!

Strzał w dziesiątkę!

English Phonemes: “st[rz]ahw v jyeh-SH[Ą]t-ke”

Literal Translation: Shot in ten!

Elegant Translation: Shot in the ten!

English Equivalent: Bull’s eye!

This is a fun phrase one to describe how someone or something 100%, hands-down nailed it!

Same as in English, this phrase is talking about a dart board or an archery/shooting target. But unlike English, the board center doesn’t have a nickname as popular as “bull’s eye” is. Poles refer to the center by the number of points you get when you hit it.

Google Translate actually nailed it on this phrase! Yay!

Strzał = shot [noun, subject form]
W = in, into [preposition]
Dziesiątkę = ten [noun, object form]

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Julia Tutko