Episode 62: It Is Needed To Look Truth In Eyes!

Trzeba spojrzeć prawdę w oczy!

English Phonemes: “T[SZ]EH-bah SPOY-[rz]ehch PRAHV-deh w OH-[cz]ih”

Literal Translation: It is needed to look truth in eyes.

Elegant Translation: You have to look the truth in the eye.

English Equivalent: Face facts.

This phrase is used the same way in Polish as “face facts” (and its various offshoots) are in English. For example, you can use this to encourage a friend to face reality and do something about some unfortunate situation they’ve been lying to themselves about. You might also hear or read this phrase in the Polish news, or on people’s blogs. It’s pretty popular, and can be used in formal and informal settings.

Please note the use of [sz] and [rz] phonemes in the pronunciations! This is a beautiful example, side by side, of how [rz] is pronounced normally as we’ve practiced, EXCEPT when following a letter ‘t’ in which case it is spoken aloud as the [sz] phoneme! (This is the only exception for [rz] you have to remember!)

Trzeba = there is need, it is needed, one must
Spojrzeć = to look, to glance
Prawdę = truth [singular, object form]
W = in, into [preposition]
Oczy = eyes [plural, subject AND object form]

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Julia Tutko