Episode 72: Gone Fat!

Przepadło sadło!

English Phonemes: “p[sz]eh-PAH-dwoh SAH-dwoh”

Literal Translation: Gone fat!

Elegant Translation: The fat has gone.

English Equivalent: Too bad, so sad.

This phrase is meant to be light and funny and doesn’t actually have anything to do with fat. The rhyme is just a silly way to say something has come and gone and we missed it. It’s broadly applicable. 

If your friend is talking about a job that they loved that they got laid off from, you can use this to lighten their mood in an “easy come, easy go” kind of way. If your kid lost a sock and they can’t find it in time to make the school bus, you can use this phrase in a “let it go” way to encourage them to find a different pair of socks. It’s probably not smart to use this phrase at a funeral, but besides that, you can work out many places where this phrase fits.

Przepadło = it has gone [3rd s. person, past tense of “przepaść” - to perish]
Sadło = fat (specifically, body fat) [subject form]

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Julia Tutko