Episode 73: Here It Lies Dog Buried!

Tu leży pies pogrzebany!

English Phonemes: “tooh LEH-[ż]ih pyes poh-hoh-VAH-nih”

Literal Translation: Here it lies dog buried!

Elegant Translation: Here the dog lies buried!

English Equivalent: There’s the rub!

This phrase is a popular way to point out that the conversation has reached a point where a complication of some kind has been revealed. You’d use this the same exact way as we English speakers would say “Ah, there’s the rub!” Or “Aha! There it is!” Or even “And the plot thickens!”

Extra note: There is an acceptable alt to this phrase. You can also say “jest” instead of “leży”, “jest” being “it is”. That’s an acceptable alternative of the idiom, but it is less used.

Tu = here
Leży = it lies [3rd person s.]
Pies = dog [s. subject form]
Pogrzebany = buried [adj. s. male subject form]

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Julia Tutko