Episode 82: Who (S)He Is Eating Remnants, This Beautiful And Smooth!

Kto zjada ostatki ten piękny i gładki!

English Phonemes: “ktoh ZYAH-dah os-TAHT-kee tehn PY[Ę]K-nih ee GWAH-tkee”

Literal Translation: Who (s)he is eating remnants, this beautiful and smooth.

Elegant Translation: Whosoever eats the last bits is beautiful and smooth.

English Equivalent: Waste not, want not. Or, waste naught, want naught.

This is a fun way to let someone know they can have that last slice of pizza or the last chicken wing appetizer. It’s also a funny way to justify some late-night fridge-raiding.

There are so many ways in English to translate this phrase in a rhyme!
Top winners include:
”The one who eats the rest, gets everything that’s the best.”
”Whoever who eats leftovers doesn’t need makeovers.”
”Whoever eats the remains, great beauty gains.”

Kto = who/whoever
= he/she/it eats, is eating [3rd person s.]
= remnants, last bits, remains, leftovers [plural, obj. form]
= this, this one
= beautiful [adj. s. m.]
= and
Gładki = smooth [adj. s. m.]

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Julia Tutko