Episode 83: In Once Scuffle!

W razie draki!

English Phonemes: “v RAH-[ź]yeh DRAH-kee”

Literal Translation: In once scuffle.

Elegant Translation: In case of a scuffle.

English Equivalent: Just in case.

You can use this phrase the exactly as we use “just in case” in English. It can be a standalone thought or part of a bigger sentence (for those of you learning more Polish).

Also, fun fact, draka [subj. form] is not a word commonly used in Polish outside of this context. A lot of people know it only from this phrase. Google translate didn’t even recognize it as Polish! That isn’t to say you can’t use it in any other sentences, you absolutely can. You’ll just be ahead of the curve if you do!

W = in, inside [preposition]
Razie = one, once [object form of ‘raz’]
*NB: combining w and razie is very common to achieve the meaning of “in case of” or “in the event of” but I am giving you the definition of each word here
Draki = scuffle, trouble, fight, row, hullabaloo [obj. form, s.]

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Julia Tutko