Episode 84: It Fell Into To Me Into Head!

Part 1 of a 2-part series!!

Wpadło mi do głowy!

English Phonemes: “FPAH-dwoh mee doh GWOH-vih”

Literal Translation: It fell into to me into head!

Elegant Translation: It fell into my head!

English Equivalents: This sprang to mind. It popped into my head.

This phrase can be used when you have a sudden idea or spark of inspiration. You can easily use this phrase, or the Extra Credit version if you’re feeling even more adventurous, and want to emphasize with oomph just how random your sudden idea is. 

Wpadło = he/she/it fell/dropped into [3rd per. s. past tense]
Mi = to me [obj. form] 
Do = to, into [preposition]
Głowy = head [s. obj. form]


Ależ mi to wpadło do głowy!
Literally, “Oh how to me this fell into head!”
In other words, “What a thing to pop into my head!” or “Wow did this fall into my head!”

Ależ = slang of ale = interjection word which in this context means “oh” or “oh how” 
To = this

Next week we’ll cover a related phrase where the idea that grabs you doesn’t want to let go!

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Julia Tutko