Episode 85: It Crawled To Me Into Head!

Part 2 of the 2-part series!!

Wlazło mi do głowy!

English Phonemes: “VLAHZ-woh mee doh GWOH-vih”

Literal Translation: It crawled to me into head!

Elegant Translation: It crawled into my head!

English Equivalent: This idea grabbed a hold of me. I’ve got it in my head. I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t shake this idea.

Continuing on from last week when we talked about a sudden burst of inspiration that gives you a thought, this phrase is similar, but the tone is deeper. We’re being hounded by a more insistent invasive thought. It can be a welcome idea or an unwelcome one, as long as it’s one of those thoughts that is hard to shake loose. If you’ve got that feeling, then this is the phrase you want to pick.

Wlazło = he/she/it crawled/climbed [3rd per. s. past tense]
Mi = to me [obj. form] 
Do = to, into [preposition]
Głowy = head [s. obj. form]


Ależ mi to wlazło do głowy!
Literally, “Wow to me this crawled into head!”
Basically meaning, “Wow did this idea grab a hold of me!”

Ależ = slang of ale = interjection word which in this context means “oh” or “oh how” 
To = this

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Julia Tutko