Episode 86: I Ride On Vacation!

Jadę na ferie!

English Phonemes: “YAH-d[ę] nah FEH-ree-yeh”

Literal Translation: I ride on vacation!

Elegant Translation: I’m going on vacation!

You can use this phrase any time you have a plan to go on holiday. The word “ferie” typically refers to a quick or light vacation — not, for example, a journey around the world — but this word applies in most situations. 

Your host with the most is going on vacation, too! But there should be no interruption in the show schedule on your end :-) 

Jadę = I ride, am riding [1st p. s. present tense]
Na = on [preposition]
Ferie = vacation, getaway, trip [obj. form, plural]

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Julia Tutko