Episode 87: What Suddenly This After Devil!

Co nagle to po diable!

English Phonemes: “tsoh NAH-gleh toh poh DYAH-bleh”

Literal Translation: What suddenly this after devil.

Elegant Translation: What is sudden is modeled after the devil.

English Equivalent: Look before you leap.

This wee'k’s phrase is warning us that rushing into things only causes bigger problems.

Ten episodes ago (Episode 77), I taught you “śpiesz się powoli”, which means “hurry slowly” and is closest to the English phrase “haste makes waste”. 

Today’s phrase is a common continuation of the “hurry slowly” idea, as if to say “hurry slowly, because if you rush without thinking, everything turns to crap”. Though today’s phrase is stand-alone, you might hear it paired with the lesson from episode 77, which is why I’m linking to that episode.

Co = what
Nagle = suddenly, sudden [adv.]
To = this
Po = after, like [preposition, sometimes also a comparison word]
Diable = devil [obj. form, s. noun]

Episode 77 - Śpiesz się powoli!

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Julia Tutko