Episode 88: To Throw Peas Against Wall!

Rzucać grochem o ścianę!

English Phonemes: “[RZ]OO-tsahch GROH-hem oh SHCHYAH-n[ę]”

Literal Translation: To throw peas against wall!

Elegant Translation: Throwing peas against a wall!

English Equivalent: Fall on deaf ears. Waste one’s breath.

This is a wonderful, colorful phrase that evokes the hopeless feeling that comes with pointlessly throwing peas at a wall. It’s a classic phrase used by parents when their kids don’t listen, or in any situation where something one person says is not getting through to the other person, for reasons of ignorance or deliberate avoidance.

Now you, too, can now use this in a myriad of situations!

Rzucać = to throw [infinitive verb]
Grochem = peas [obj. form]
O = against [preposition]
Ścianę = wall [s. obj. form]

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Julia Tutko